Dental Care Implants

There are all kinds of options that allow people to get the smile that they want Cedar Park dental. I know that many people think about things like dentures and veneers, but there is another method that is gaining in popularity. That is the dental implant. More specifically, there is one type that is really gaining in popularity, and it is known as All On 4 dental implants.


These are not your average implants. Like the name of the procedure says, this one uses four implants made out of titanium. They are used in both the upper and lower jaw for better stability for when the actual prosthetics are attached later on.


One thing that is unique about these implants is that these four implants can help with getting implant replacements for all teeth in both the top and bottom of the mouth. In other words, if someone needs a ton or all of their teeth replaced or eventually replaced, then this may be worth considering. The titanium fuses to bone a lot better and easier than other materials making the four implants more like extensions for the jawbone itself.


This is quite a procedure, in my opinion. I think that this is a great technique for someone that needs a ton of teeth replaced but who cannot get individual implants. I think this procedure can help a lot of smiles.

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